Hey you! Read this now. . . especially if you’re a musician!


Yo.  Welcome to the first edition of the Dunwoody Music Blog!  My name is Mark, I’m an independent music teacher here in Dunwoody.  I was stoked when Matt and Justin asked if I’d be down to do a column (is that the word for it anymore?) for WUD, focusing on musical things in Dunwoody. I was all like, “yeah” and then they were all like, “cool.” So here it is.

Dunwoody is a community full of fantastic musicians.  Be it recording artists, solo acts, garage bands, classical performers, or cultural musicians: we have it all and more. Still trying to find the buskers, though.  I hope to spotlight and promote our local music scene in every way possible.  The challenge is that I can only feature what I know about; alas, I don’t know about it all.  That’s where you come in!  If there’s something cool and musical going down in Dunwoody, or you are a local artist looking to promote your music, let me know about it.  I’ll try to share some of the music stuff I know about and, hopefully, you’ll share some too.  For reals, drop me a line if you’re a musical artist of any style!  I’d love to hear and share whats going on in the neighborhood.  That’s the spiel. Email me at mark@dunwoodymusic.com

All that said, the song below is my favorite track off the recent Scott Shipley album, The Phoenix.  Shipley is a fellow Dunwoody denizen who’s music is well described as progressive rock.  “The Pattern Is Random” approaches a subject that is an unfortunate product of our times.  I get some really strong A Perfect Circle vibes from the guitar work.  Lyrically, the track places the burden of its observation upon the listener with a sort of logical distance.  It’s hauntingly affective. Hit the album link on the player below if you wanna hear more. Hope you dig it!