Dunwoody Police set up road block, bust 39 people on their phone


From their Facebook page: On 12/3/2019, Dunwoody Police Department conducted a daytime safety checkpoint on Vermack Rd. The primary goal of this checkpoint was to improve driving safety and perform routine checks for driver’s license verification, seatbelt compliance, driver impairment, and vehicle fitness/safety compliance. It is to be noted that Vermack Rd is a current traffic complaint for our City regarding truck route violations and speeding.

During the safety checkpoint, 4 traffic-related misdemeanor arrests were made for driving while unlicensed; 2 commercial motor vehicle truck route citations were issued and a total of 41 traffic citations were issued.

39 of the citations were issued for distracted driving (cell phone).

Dunwoody residents react to getting tickets…

“I would have been more distracted if I hadn’t RSVP-ed to that Evite right away.”

“Do the police understand how boring Vermack Rd is though.”

“Good luck citing me in 5 years when all that distracting technology moves into these shades.”