Dunwoody OKs Speed Cameras from company inching us closer to robot uprising


City Council approved automatic speed cameras from RedSpeed, a company that will install the cameras for free, but take 35% of revenue from speeding tickets. Tickets will be anywhere from $75 to $125, which converts to about 1-2 loaves of bread in post-Judgement Day currency.

The cameras will be installed in school zones and will only be working, or “self aware”, one hour before school and one hour after. A less-advanced “human” police officer then reviews the tape and approves a ticket, which is mailed to the address of the speeder.

RedSpeed is already used in other cities, including Brookhaven, Duluth, Doomville, Hells Gate, The Ruins, Hells Gate 2, Bartertown and Hope City.

Drivers will receive only warnings for the first 30 days, or 2592000 seconds.