Dunwoody mom super indifferent about her kids going to school like… anywhere


One woman, who asked to remain anonymous, confessed to us “It’s a little embarrassing being a Dunwoody mom right now. I mean, they’re going to get taught, then come home. Whatever building is around them totally doesn’t matter.  I get that itโ€™s not fair if one school has empty seats, but – “. Our interview was cut short at this point, when one of her friends told her she’s had too much to drink and doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

We caught up with her later getting into a Lyft outside King George Tavern, “If my kids go to Nancy Creek, guess who’s stopping at THAT Starbucks every morning. Holla!”.

Other Dunwoody moms react to her candid confession…

“If she was at King George, she lives on that side of town. You know those moms love their kids less right.”

“Did she say her kids are going to school in a creek. Gross.”

“Someone needs to redistrict her big fat mouth.”

And one Dunwoody dad…

“What’s this about now? Are we getting new buses?”