Dunwoody Election coverage – LIVE BLOG


Annnnnd the winners are Lynn, Stacey and Joe!!!

7:00pm – Pencil’s down!!! Stay tuned.

3:00pm – We’ve got a mayoral showdown on the corners of Chamblee Dunwoody and Mount Vernon. Still undecided? Go talk to both Lynn and Terry! Remember polls close at 7pm tonight.

1:10 pm: Joe Seconder supporter by Kingswood!

Noonish – The candidates are out in full force! We spotted Terry by the BP / Dunkin intersection, Lynn near the library, and Heyward and Stacey near St Lukes.

9:16 am: Heyward spotted by St. Lukes

9:00 am: Joe hits the road

8:57 am – Wake up and post something like I was already up at 7am.

7:00 am – Undoubtably the candidates all slept well last night assured this election isn’t just one big popularity contest. We wish them all good luck!