Dunwoody Community Tailgate – YOU need to go to this! Read why!


If you want cool stuff in the Village, here’s your chance to make it happen on Oct 19, from 1pm to 11pm! Alan Mothner, (TownSquareCollaborative.com and former Director of the Nature Center) has spearheaded this event with the blessing and financial help of Regency Centers. Who’s that??

Regency Centers owns Dunwoody Village. For major change to happen, like more green space to mingle, roof top bars, etc, we need to show them that Dunwoody can turn out for events like this. The city has already done a lot of what they can to loosen up the code restrictions for Regency to have a sandbox to play in.

But why change if there’s little interest? If 30 people show up, that’s sad. If we pack it in, that shows Regency we are the young, fun community that we all know we are.

Who moved to Dunwoody to retire? Not a lot of us right? We came here to raise kids, but still have fun.

This is a photo of Mill Glen pool last weekend! Just imagine this same scene with grass, even more people, and more fun!

As social director at Georgetown and chronic party attendance-worrier, I know Facebook RSVP aren’t much indication of actual attendance, but please do Alan a favor and let him know you’ll be there.

And thanks to Karen Cannon and Marlow’s Tavern for helping put this on too!

Keep supporting Dunwoody ya’ll!!