Dunwoody Community Meeting about redeveloping the Village


Vintage Pizza was packed on Saturday with people that wanted to hear what could possibly be done with Dunwoody Village. There was some applause at the mention of city council loosening up the restrictions on everything looking like a gas station (the colonial Williamsburg look). We got a bit of a history lesson on New Urbanism, and for Dunwoody Village that could be what cash, cars and vacations are to a Price is Right audience. It’s what people really want to cheer for and for us thats going to be…

Buildings, shaded sidewalks, parked cars, slow moving traffic.

Are you ready to explode in applause yet? No!? Okay, how about now…

More excited? What modern city planners have found is that’s the formula to an urban environment people want to walk through. They are willing to park their car somewhere else and stroll around.

The idea is that from left to right, you have a building (store, restaurant, etc), wide sidewalk with trees or other forms of shade, parked cars or something else that provides a barrier to the road, and then finally the road itself which is SLOW. 20mph at most. Sound familiar? Like the Avalon maybe. The poster child for a cool place to get dinner or hear live music.

I got the feeling from the meeting villagers are ready for exactly that. We just need to talk Regency, the company that owns most of the village, into paying for it.

Here’s some video of the meeting…