Deer just slayin’ people these days, a man’s gotta defend himself 🏹🏹


NextDoor’s getting real after some dude wants help bow-hunting deer. Here’s his post…

Hi neighbors. The deer around my house are getting too numerous, too big, and too comfortable around humans. So, I am looking for Bow hunters who will thin the herd this coming fall. If you know some people, can please send their contact information to me privately?

And here comes the quotes…

I’d be in favor of a controlled deer culling but I wouldn’t recommend DeKalb County govt handle it because it will just become another waste of taxpayer dollars without results — like everything else in DeKalb County govt.

😢 we leaved in Colorado and we had 12 deers every night.. they never hurt anyone and they have the right to leave too .

For the record, deer hunting season in Dekalb is now CLOSED, as of Jan 31, 2019. Reopens in September. Frankly, this is a really silly idea, that is only going to annoy a whole bunch of your neighbors. And, unless you have a seriously large backyard, I doubt any sensible bowman would risk messing about in a heavily-populated area.

So Don has 5 months to find a competent bow hunter.

Still time to add your own.