Create Dunwoody! Create Public Art!


Why public art? Why Dunwoody? Why now?

Dunwoody is deep into the process of developing a public art implementation plan, which started in late February. Just like when the city was founded a decade ago, the city’s leadership is taking the long view of how Dunwoody can be its best, for residents, businesses and people who visit.

In 2008, the citizens and leaders of Dunwoody created a new city in order to build the best future they could for the community. Dunwoody continues to look at investments in parks, greenways, and vibrant mixed-use districts that serve neighborhood, city and regional needs. Through the Create Dunwoody! plan approved a year and a half ago, the city also recognizes that it needs to strengthen its arts and culture programming — building on assets ranging from the Dunwoody Nature Center to the Spruill Center for the Arts to the Dunwoody Preservation Trust.

This plan will look at how public art can add to the public spaces and community life of Dunwoody. As it is an implementation plan, it will include a kick-off project, a temporary installation/event by artist Graham Coreil-Allen and art planner Todd Bressi, hopefully in conjunction with the Dunwoody Arts Festival.

At its best, public art can sum up what a city wants to be, how a city celebrates itself and how a city presents itself to the outside world. The eponymous “Everything Will be OK” slogan – started as a temporary art project by Jason Kofke, exhibited by the Spruill Center – has helped Dunwoody rally to the cause of artists whose livelihoods are threatened by the current economic slowdown.

We want to hear your voice about how public art can be part of Dunwoody’s future. Take our survey by clicking here, then sign up to receive updates as the plan progresses.