Trailergate Update – Community activist threatened by Dekalb School worker at Peachtree over wood rot


If there was ever a reason to threaten to whoop someone’s ass, I guess it’s when you’re doing a shoddy job and don’t want some parent snapping photos of it. Here’s what Jimmy Jones posted to Educate Dunwoody regarding the incident at one of the trailer quads at Peachtree Middle (quad t4-t8)

“The workers at Peachtree middle school are trying to cover up damage without being repaired. After I took pics the worker on site threatened to kick my ass for taking pics
Also Chris Jackman the supervisor on site told them to go ahead and cover the rot up with house wrap so they could put up the siding. He was on video looking at the wood rot”

“The area with rotted wood that they plan to cover and wrap (not replace) is in front of this tree.”

Dekalb Police eventually showed up to help supervise and break up any parking lot fights. Find out more by joining the Educate Dunwoody group on Facebook. Why Dunwoody PD wasn’t called was explained by someone in the group…

“Chief Grogan was contacted. Because this incident happened on school property, the Dunwoody Police Department has no jurisdiction. So the Dekalb County School District LITERALLY polices THEMSELVES!!!!”

Stay tuned. Trailergate is unfolding.