City of Dunwoody Unveils FY 2020 Proposed Budget


Tax rate stays the same with property assessment freeze still in effect.

The City of Dunwoody today unveiled its proposed budget for the upcoming Fiscal Year 2020. It’s a balanced financial plan that gives priority to important public safety, infrastructure and quality-of-life initiatives.

The proposed budget keeps the tax rate the same at 2.740 mills overall (and 1.740 mills for qualified homeowners), along with maintaining the tax assessment freeze for those who qualify. This is the same low rate in place since Dunwoody incorporated in 2008. The Proposed FY 2020 budget has approximately $39.5 million in direct revenue across all funds.

The overall proposed General Fund budget, the largest part of the overall budget, is $25.6 million, only 1.2% higher than the Amended FY 2019 budget.   Revenue growth is stable and not expected to rapidly increase. “Given the limited revenue growth of the City, we had to stay within our means,” said Dunwoody Mayor Denis Shortal. “We ended 2018 with more than five months of reserves, so this balanced budget keeps us on the right path,” added City Manager Eric Linton

Dunwoody was able to include several enhancements through an overall comprehensive budget review, directing revenue to high priority areas:

·         $3.7 million for citywide repaving efforts using a combination of sales tax (SPLOST) and state funding raising our repaved roads since incorporation to more than 60%;

·         $1.4 million to improve the Chamblee Dunwoody at Spalding Drive intersection;

·         $1.0 million to install Peeler Road Sidewalk from Equestrian Way to Brook Run Park;

·         $494 thousand to replace various public safety computer equipment and vehicles;

·         $413 thousand for enhancing service levels for new park facilities and expansions;

·         $142 thousand for contracted positions within the Parks Department, including one park operations coordinator and one part-time recreation programs leader;

·         $185 thousand for pay increase for full-time employees of up to 3.1% with $137 thousand of that dedicated to public safety; and

·         $109 thousand for fully funding two additional sworn police officers, positions that had been funded through savings in the previous year.

“Public safety represents more than a third of our General Fund budget, with Parks and Public Works almost a quarter combined. This shows the City’s emphasis on keeping our community strong,” added Shortal. “Given the planning that has occurred during our first decade of existence, Dunwoody is in an excellent position going forward,” said Linton

There will be several public meetings on the budget. The first Budget Committee meeting is scheduled at 9 a.m. on September 9 at Dunwoody City Hall. The City Council’s first read of the budget will be October 14 at 6 p.m. Final approval is scheduled for October 28. Citizen input will be included in the two Council meetings. A hard copy of the budget is available in the Finance Department in City Hall. Individuals may also find a link on

For more information regarding the City of Dunwoody, please contact Jennifer Boettcher, Communications Director: 678.382.6881,