City of Dunwoody Gives Restaurants New Options for Outdoor Dining


Dunwoody restaurants can now apply for a temporary permit that allows for expanded outdoor dining options to meet social distancing requirements.

Dunwoody, GA – May 12, 2020 – The Dunwoody City Council unanimously approved a resolution to allow restaurants to add or expand outdoor operations. The Monday night vote creates a special temporary permit to help restaurants meet social distancing requirements designed to protect against COVID-19.

“I’m excited that the City of Dunwoody has moved quickly to offer an innovative solution during this pandemic,” said Dunwody Mayor Lynn Deutsch. “We want to give our restaurants an additional tool to maximize space as they serve customers in a new way.”

Starting today, restaurants in Dunwoody can apply online for a Temporary Outdoor Restaurant Permit, which allows them to set up tables for customers in common areas and even parking spaces, in coordination with property owners. Seating must align with state executive orders.

Before securing a permit, restaurants must meet several other requirements listed in the application. Once approved, permits are effective through December 31, 2020. City Council voted to waive any fees associated with this permit.

Restaurants in the Dunwoody Village can also offer carry-out alcoholic drinks under new rules established in early March when the area was designated an “entertainment district.” Restaurants have to pour the drinks in clear plastic cups with special stickers provided by the City.