City of Dunwoody begins online permit processing


Online permitting will save trips to City Hall and streamline the process for applicants and staff.

The City of Dunwoody is moving to an online permit processing system that’s designed to save time and money. It gives residents and contractors the ability to file forms and submit payments through a new website, which can be accessed here:  

“We want to make the permit and inspections process more convenient for everyone,” said Dunwoody Community Development Director Richard McLeod. “Instead of making a special trip to City Hall to file, the forms can be submitted online. This streamlines the process for applicants and staff.”

The new online system, which is already active, allows for submittals and resubmittals of building permits, land disturbance permits and sign permits. For temporary sign permits, customers can apply online. But once approved, customers must come to City Hall to get the approval sticker. The new system allows for online fee payments after the permit is processed. Inspections will also be scheduled through the system.

“This new system supports our sustainability initiatives,” McLeod added. “Some major development projects require giant rolls of paper. Now, plans can be submitted online, which cuts down on paper and helps save trees.” 

Community Development staff will still be available at City Hall to answer questions and help with the permit process.

For more information regarding the City of Dunwoody, please contact Jennifer Boettcher, Communications Director: 678.382.6881,