City of Dunwoody Announces Limited Reopening


The slow and limited reopening of Dunwoody City Hall and city parks is designed to protect the public and employees from the threat of COVID-19.

Dunwoody, GA – May 15, 2020 – The City of Dunwoody will begin a limited and phased reopening of city parks and Dunwoody City Hall beginning Monday, May 18. The process will start slowly for the protection of the public and employees.

The following City of Dunwoody parks amenities will open on May 18:

Tennis courts and park restrooms that do not service a playground.

Athletic fields for unorganized play (no team sports or field lighting; groups must spread out to ensure adequate play area and social distancing)

Indoor facilities will set their own reopening plans with approved COVID-19 safety protocols in place, as defined by the state. 

“I’ve been encouraged to see neighbors showing respect to one another in our parks and sharing the space carefully,” said Dunwoody Mayor Lynn Deutsch. “Though we will begin offering more options next week, the virus remains contagious. We need to continue to take care of ourselves and others.”

The City of Dunwoody Parks and Recreation Department is working with surrounding municipalities to develop a coordinated approach to reopening. If the initial phase goes smoothly, the skate park, dog park and playgrounds will reopen in the coming weeks. The current target date for the next phase is June 1.

A limited reopening of Dunwoody City Hall will also begin on Monday, May 18, but almost all questions and government service requests can still be handled online, over the phone, or through email to avoid an in-person visit. A comprehensive list of services and contact information is available here:

City Hall doors will be open from 8 a.m. to noon Monday through Friday, but it is strongly encouraged that citizens email or call ahead to see if staff will be onsite to handle the particular issue. Police Service Representatives are available at all hours at City Hall for emergency issues. Dunwoody Municipal Court remains closed. For payments and paperwork that cannot be done online, a clerk will be available each day from 8 a.m. to noon.

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For more information regarding the City of Dunwoody, please contact Jennifer Boettcher, Communications Director: 678.382.6881,