Chamblee gets woke. Decriminalizes marijuana possession.


Extra, extra! Read all about it (from a real news source). The headline pretty much says it all, but here’s the deets:  An adult caught with marijuana or “mary jane” in Chamblee will be cited and fined $75 for their first offense. That charge can be paid online and a court date is NOT required.

This of course differs from the harsher state law punishment which could be up to one year of jail time or more likely a $1,000 fine. An ounce of marijuana can make up to about 40 pinner joints, or around 20 concert-sized joints that you can pass to the seats or rows near you and get a bunch of high-fives and thumbs up from afar.

Brian Mock, the Chamblee council-hero proposed the change in code because he believes this will prevent people from entering the criminal justice system over a simple possession charge. And of course free up manpower for the police and court system to focus on more important things.

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Dunwoody residents had this to say….

“Bravo. I know THC-infused taffy, rolled in Nerds candy might seem like a hard-drug to some, but it’s really pretty mild.”

“Chamblee just became that friend who’s parents never do a room-search. “

“Who else is moving to Chambleegal with me?”

“We just need to keep it out of the hands of teenagers… Although, the kid who sells to me might technically still be in his teens…. Honey, did Brian’s friend Mark turn 20 yet??”