Blood spray painted near 285


A citizen journalist reported this on NextDoor…

“Yesterday, I saw that the word “blood” was spray painted 3 times in red spray paint on the 285 underpass at Savoy and N Peachtree Rd. I did not see the vandalism in progress, so I really can’t speculate on whether or not the “artwork” is affiliated with the Original Blood Family street gang, a wannabe, or even some emo kid who is like, really, really into Lady Macbeth.”

Concerned Dunwoody residents had this to say…

“I moved to Dunwoody to get away from the gangs… Well that and the schools, community pools, easy commute, restaurants, and some other stuff.”

“It’s about time gangs embraced spray painting O’s with a fancy middle swash. Hopefully serifs are next.”

“That reminds me, I’m due to donate blood. It’s the easiest way to check my cholesterol without bothering my doctor.”