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Friday, March 31, 2023
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We continue talking with Heyward about the infamous Dunwoody Bank and Trust sign. And the larger question: why Dunwoody Village has so many dang banks!
The Dunwoody Tornado
Heyward Wescott joins us this week to talk about the 20th Anniversary of the The Dunwoody Tornado
Our first April Fool's special. Show topics include a mix of true and untrue stories about Dunwoody!
Everything we thought would look nice to photograph in one photo
This week Matt and Justin sat down at Moondog Growlers in Dunwoody to talk with operator Trey Various and owner Tommy Burda.
Show topics: Hobnob Restaurant, #DunwoodyRoofTopBarNOW, Best Emmissions Place Ever, Ozark Casting
King of Dunwoody Village No More
Cops, Margaritas Monarchs and Martinis, Burger King Replacement, and is Perimeter Mall Closing?
Show topics: Brook Run Baseball Fields getting new turf, License plate thief, Best of the Police Blotter, CDC worker missing, Golf carts
Lost Dog Dot - Still Searching in 2099
Show topics: Lost Dog Dot, Storm Reid comes to Kingsley Elementary, Killer Mailbox Wasps, City Housing Task Force, New Green Areas in Chamblee 
Show topics: Burger King Out of Dunwoody Villages, Brook Run Rock Stand and Disc Golf Course, Public Design Workshop

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