Become a “Whats Up Dunwoody” Sponsor!

100 shows and 1.5 years later, we’ve realized this whole podcasting thing wasn’t just a passing fad for us. We’ve gotten to sit down with multiple city mayors, House reps, the GDOT Commissioner, city council men & women, city staff and of course DOZENS of local business owners. In a typical week, every Wednesday is dedicated entirely to interviewing people around Dunwoody. Afterwards we deal with post-production, uploads, show notes, follow-up social media posts, and then it all starts over again when someone says “hey, this person is someone you two should talk to.”

I see where this is headed. These guys want money…

It’s true, we do. But your business could really use us! We’re dialed into the Dunwoody community more-so than most businesses, and we got here for a reason: we’re good at getting our brand out there and we’re looking to share that expertise with others. So we’ve created a hybrid sponsorship / advertising package that we think is pretty darn hard-to-beat for the money.

✨ What your organization gets… ✨

  • One podcast with you or the most podcast-worthy person in your organization. 
  • Claim your exclusive spot in our Sponsor Directory. And we really do mean exclusive! If a business is already sponsoring us in a particular professional category, you’ll just have to wait until they give it up (if ever)
  • Immediate mention on the podcast (prior to your podcast), and undoubtably more name-drops in other shows.
  • The best part: author your own community posts on We’ll give someone in your organization site access to create your own shout-outs about how you’re making Dunwoody even better. Must be community related (no outright promos) and a reasonable amount of posts per month. 1-2, unless you’re really stepping up in the community have a lot to mention. READ WHY we think your community posts are so important 💡
  • Too busy to author community posts yourself? We can post for you! Subscribe us to your press release feed or email us when you have something worthy of posting.
  • Inclusion in our Offers section. So if you do have something that’s simply a promotion, we’ve got a place for that.
  • Social media shares on everything we post here on the site.
  • First dibs on joining us for Whats Up Dunwoody events or vice versa. If you’ve got something fun happening, please invite us!
  • The priceless value of getting to know Matt and Justin, true pillars of the Dunwoody community (why are you laughing?).

Does that sound like a plan a marketing firm would put together? It should, because that’s exactly what we’re putting together for you!