August 17th to be Swinging Good Time at Donny B’s Farm! 🗓


Bring your blankets to the Donaldson Bannister Farmhouse on August 17, and spread out for a night you’ll remember for years to come!

Tips to have fun and last all night: 

  • Dress appropriately, remember it’s still HOT in August, so don’t over-dress. Cosplay OK!
  • Consider just watching, you don’t have to participate in anything other than watching the FLlCK 
  • Hydrate, Give yourself a break if you get too hot.
  • Respect the boundaries of others that are spread out on the lawn.
  • Bring a friend (or friends) you’re comfortable with!
  • Stay sober. A drink or two to steady your nerves is fine.
  • Bring your own toys to play along with the FLlCK! 

Stay tuned for part 2: Tips if you lose your keys…