Area man pondering City Council run for months relieved to find out deadline was yesterday


The deadline to run for Dunwoody Mayor or City Council was yesterday, relieving one man of a potential council run. “I’ve been thinking about it since February. There’s a lot right with our city, but also some things I would like to change.”, said Brian Johnston. “I almost visited the city’s website last week to find out more about running but a Groupon email for a high-powered flashlight distracted me at the last second. It was good deal, but I wasn’t sure how good of a deal.”

We reached out to his wife about his almost-campaign run, “Brian talks a lot about it, especially now that the kids are off to college, but he has a pretty full plate in the evenings. Last week he watched an entire season of The Boys and then started some free trial for Epix. He says he has to watch every episode of some show about Batman’s butler in 7 days or he gets charged.”.

Asked if he was disappointed he missed this year’s deadline, “Well, I probably could have won, but at what price. I need time for me too. A new 65 inch TV isn’t going to research itself. I have to balance personal committments like that”.

At press time, Brian was complaining to his wife about the traffic light timing on Roberts Rd, while also managing one of his four Fantasy Football teams.