Anxiously support your candidate after polls close at these locations. ..


The polls close at 7pm tomorrow, which means results will start to dribble in after that. Here’s how that works. Each polling location will print out and post their results at the location. Someone with a phone will snap a photo, give their phone to a rider on horseback, who will then relay that to the candidates which use some sort of adding machine, or “calculator”, to independently add up the votes. No CNN or FoxNews to help out, or make projections. It’s a wild night, and if you want to be part of the fun, go stand by your favorite candidate and watch them sweat it out. Here’s where each will be….

Joe Seconder – Vintage Pizza (7pm)

Heyward Wescott – Moondog Growlers (7pm)

Lynn Deutsch – Wild Wing Cafe (7pm)

Terry Nail – O’Brians Tavern (7pm?)

Stacey Harris – Home of the Woody’s, 5608 Mill Trace Drive (stop by after 7:30)

Robert Miller – Dunwoody Tavern (6:30)