Andrew Ziffer announces candidacy for Dekalb County Board of Education


Dear Friends,

Many people are able to find fault with school and government institutions. Some of us try to influence the institutions to improve. Some of us contribute money hoping to make things better. A few of us volunteer to support the unmet needs of our community. And, sometimes, one of us raises our hand and volunteers to run for public office to make a difference.

I have raised my hand to say I can do better. I am excited to announce that I will be running for the District 1 School Board seat for DeKalb County in May, 2020.

For those who know me, I am not a politician. In fact, my wife, Janet, reminds me of this regularly. I am a business owner, a parent and community member.

There is no personal reason for me to run for this position. Janet and I have a good life and enjoy our family time together. Why do I want to rock the boat?

Well, the answer is clear to Janet and me. It’s the same reason we helped create the PHACE Syndrome Community many years ago – TO SERVE THE COMMUNITY.

Few people in District 1 are happy with the way the DeKalb Schools are being run. The incumbent has been elected twice, running with no opposition.

My platform is laser-focused.

  • I will represent our community better with messages of partnership
    • and not war with our school system
  • I will represent our community better by reaching my hand across the table looking for solutions
    • and not faulting the other side of the table for the problems
  • I will represent our community better by listening more
    • and talking less
  • I will represent our community better by taking action
    • and looking forward for solutions rather than looking back to complain
  • AND I will represent our community by calling out misinformation, mismanagement, and fiscal irresponsibility

My focus as a DeKalb County School Board Member will be:

  • Ensuring my actions support students in the classroom, first and foremost
  • Improving the culture and climate of DCSD
  • Changing the conversation in DeKalb County Schools from one of opposition and self-protection to one of partnership and long term planning
  • Addressing deferred maintenance and facilities needs
  • Ensuring that long term enrollment planning is accurate, regular, and matches facility capacity

I am excited about what the future holds and hope I can truly transform conversations in DeKalb County and District 1, and improve student’s lives.

Visit for more information.

Andrew Ziffer
Candidate District 1
DeKalb County Board of Education