A statement from Dunwoody Mayor Lynn Deutsch


Dunwoody, GA – March 25, 2020 – Today, I’m imploring Dunwoody residents to stay at home. I am incredibly grateful that most of you are already following the guidelines adopted by the City of Dunwoody and the state of Georgia. However, I need everyone to do their part to flatten the COVID-19 curve by staying at home as much as possible. The sooner we get the upper hand on this virus, the sooner we can begin to bounce back.

Be clear that my message does not impact restaurants. Please continue to support local restaurants by ordering takeout and/or delivery. Discover Dunwoody has a growing list of what local restaurants are open and how they’re handling orders.

The Dunwoody City Council has already adopted emergency measures to reduce the risk of exposure. Those measures include the following:

·         Temporary restrictions on dine-in eating: The emergency ordinance requires bars, restaurants, or businesses that sell food or beverages for consumption on premises to close in-person dining. Those establishments are allowed to offer delivery or takeout instead.

·         Temporary closing of gyms, studios and sports clubs

·         Temporary closing of businesses that provide massage, manicure, hairstyling and personal grooming services.

·         Temporary closing of city playgrounds and park restrooms. This includes the Brook Run Skate Park. Rims have been removed from basketball nets at Pernoshal Park.

·         Temporary closing of City Hall: Today, we’re extending the closure until April 13. But police and city services continue.

Staying at home doesn’t mean staying inside. You can still go outside. Go for a walk. It’s good for your mental health. But always maintain a safe social distance of 6 feet. This applies to children, as well. Remind them that sharing a ball could mean sharing germs.

Many private businesses, schools and places of worship are making tough decisions to reduce the risk of exposure. Don’t let up. We’re not there yet.

One element we added to the emergency ordinance on Monday applies to all businesses in Dunwoody. It reads, “All employers and businesses which remain open for use by the public must take the necessary steps to reduce in person contact and maintain a distance of 6 feet between individuals while in the establishment and on their property.” This is serious. Please take it to heart.

Please know that your health, well-being and safety are our top priorities. We will continue to communicate with our partners at the county, state and federal levels as we navigate this crisis. 

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For more information regarding the City of Dunwoody, please contact Jennifer Boettcher, Communications Director: 678.382.6881, Jennifer.Boettcher@dunwoodyga.gov.