5G Towers, facial recognition, spam and blinding bar code scanners


Oh its getting real on this post, and boy-howdy does it have it all. Here’s what started it…

“I share the expressed concerns re. possible effects of radiation. There is also the aesthetic issue . . we already have more than enough visual pollution of our neighborhoods and metro area. If you think about it . . 5G, being faster than 4G, will allow commercial messages to invade our lives at a much greater frequency. Your “in-box” will fill up faster with unwanted communications of all sorts. “Unsubscribe” is laughable . . . so long as there are alternate sites for delivery. Our friends at AT&T, Verizon, and others provide a valuable and useful communications service that we would miss if the technology was not available. However , apart from running a business at lower cost . . . maybe they should simply concentrate of improving their existing service. Not a week goes by without seeing a post on NextDoor expressing frustration with their current provider. We are marching quickly, backward, to 1984 and the specter of “Big Brother” … with facial recognition camera technology and collection and sale of otherwise personal information on social media … ironic that this post is on social media. Let’s keep the genie in the bottle as long as possible . . . particularly when we know that we DON’T know the long term community effects of this kind of radiation environment . . . if California chooses to take the lead dog position on the sled, so be it. Wait and see how they feel ( and their health histories ) 25 years from now. Let’s do what we can at the local level to raise our concerns with both town, city, and state government. I can do without faster internet. Can you ?”

To wit….

“Tin foil hats are a must these days. 2.4g in your homes with microwave ovens, wireless mice and keyboards, and internet routers! 5g has been are in your home embedded in routers too. All the while china is listing to us through Amazon and connected smart TVs. Off the pool now to hide with a cold bud light and watch the con trails erase our minds.”

Plenty more great replies. Don’t worry citizens this humanity-endangering thread will subside, and another will take it’s place.