4301 Old Georgetown Trail


Parcel ID: 18 346 03 050

Tax records: Link to 4301 Old Georgetown Trail
Current Fair Market Value: $126,500 Link
Zoning is R3 Residential Lot. Lane Use Code Clubhouse.

NOTE: R3 is NOT high-density housing. Every home in the neighborhood is zoned R3. For example, here are homes nearby all R3 (Link, Link, Link).

Eminent Domain Risk from 285…

With the Top End Project (elevated lanes) coming in the next few years properties along 285 are at risk of government seizure.

The townhomes below were built in 2001 and are approximately a quarter mile from 4301 Old Georgetown Trail. GDOT is taking all of these townhomes for a 285 connector exchange (demolition date is slated to be April 2020, according to their HOA rep).

Here are two properties next to 4301 Old Georgetown Trail that were already bought by GDOT…

No Street Access / Land Locked

4301 Old Georgetown Trail has been recently surveyed and is land locked (the only road into the property is not actually within the parcel).

The image below is from… https://maps.dekalbcountyga.gov/parcel/ which matches a recent survey from the owner.

Flood plain and Nancy Creek

The image below is from here: Risk Snapshot Link . New construction is not allowed 75 feet from a creek. Renovations must be done on the existing structure, not exceeding 20% of current size. Reference – Dekalb Stream Buffer Ordinance

The creek’s high point has been is marked on the guard shack wall.

Zoned Residential, in Historic District

Georgetown Recreation Club is a 50 year club, with historic significance and a thriving membership base. The image below is from GDOT. Reference Link.

The city’s Master Plan makes reference to higher-density housing on Old Spring House Lane but this is NOT within the residential neighborhood of Georgetown. This is in reference to the townhomes which are now already constructed at the top of Old Spring House Lane (adjoining the Waffle House). The sounding board for that master plan included 3 Georgetown Rec members.

Regarding Billboards / Signage along 285

The city of Dunwoody has strict sign laws. There is NO application process to get a billboard as they are against City Code (any sign on a pole is against code). And regardless of the City’s signage code, billboards can not be put on residentially zoned land.