3rd Naked Man Running Around Dunwoody – This is real.


We’re getting reports in real time from Heyward Wescott, who has been riding along with Officer Dillon of the Dunwoody Police Department. Here’s the timeline so far

Sometime this morning – Naked man on Peachtree Industrial.

1:00pm – Naked guy at Broken Run. Fully naked. No socks or anything. Possible Peachford Hospital escapee. Heyward’s first call while riding along with Officer Dillon. UPDATE – Not escapee.

1:31pm – Upgraded to an assault call at Peachford. If running around naked wasn’t an arrest-able offense, it now is.

2:00pm – Peachford telling officers they can’t arrest the person they have a warrant for because he is in their custody. UPDATE – Warrant was not for the naked guy.

3:18pm – Another naked man call. Near the mall. DPD may need to restock rubber gloves after today. UPDATE – Only crime here was defecating into a trash can. So not fully nudity, but grosser.

3:36pm – He is now in the backseat right behind Heyward and the car smells of B.O. UPDATE – See the previous update, this makes things way worse.

3:46pm – Suspect was transferred to another car. Heyward’s car is starting to smell normal again.

5:39pm – Heyward calls in to update us after what we can only assume was a 2 hour shower.