2nd Bust today – Dunwoody Mom arrested for faking First Day of School Photos


Police were tipped off by a vigilant mom that another Dunwoody woman had posted a digitally manipulated “First Day of School” photo on Monday. The accused mother was taken into custody, her computer seized (with Photoshop still open), and after conducting a search of her laundry room, the original chalkboard was taken into evidence. Still chalked were the previous year’s information.

Police said, “We’re just happy to get this woman off the streets and prevent her from getting any more Likes or Hearts or those big Happy Faces on Facebook. This could have gone on for years if we hadn’t stopped it.”

When asked how the tipster discovered the mother was faking photos she said, “She forgot to change 2018 to 2019. Plus I was out drinking with her on Tuesday and she was all like ‘omg, I totally forgot to do that, I just Photoshopped her Preschool photo from last year’. I felt I had to do the right thing.”

Dunwoody parents had this to say about the arrest…

“I told you that in confidence Cindy, what happened to the Mom Code?!”

“Whatever. You bailed on carpool so many times last year.”

“This is why I’m not on Facebook. Too much temptation to appear I’m living a better life than I really am.”