100 classrooms in Dekalb schools have malfunctioning air conditioning


With a killer heatwave in effect Dekalb County School System has around 100 classrooms with broken air conditioners. Here’s the schools suffering (extra Agony Points to Tucker and Shadowrock who’s CAFETERIAS HAVE NO AC)…

Arabia Mountain High School – 6 

Briar Vista Elementary School – 3

Clarkston High School – 7

DeKalb Early College Academy – 10

Laurel Ridge Elementary – 11

Lithonia High School – 6

Redan Middle School – 3

Rockbridge Elementary School – 5

Rowland Elementary School – 4

Shadowrock Elementary School – 5 and cafeteria

Stone Mountain Middle School – 4

Tucker High School – 12 and cafeteria

Dunwoody parents had this to say….

“I’m sure if the AC is out at our schools, it’s also out at the Dekalb Superintendent’s office as well.”

“My high-schooler wears shorts in the winter, I can only imagine what he’ll try to get away with in a 102 degree trailer.”

“I bet that John Tapper guy could fix our school’s overnight. And put in a great POS system.”

“Hey Tucker. Marist says ‘Enjoy your HOT lunch‘.”