Podcast 63 – Mayor Denny Shortal – (Part 3) Parks and Non-Profits


Show notes:

  • Mayor Shortal talks about the origins of the City of Dunwoody
  • The city hasn’t raised taxes in the entire time of being a city, and city taxes are lower in Dunwoody than almost any other city in Atlanta
  • The city has 4 months of operational reserve in the bank and operates on a policy of, “paying while we go with the money that we have” so that it doesn’t go into debt
  • Stormwater pipes and infrastructure is one of the biggest issues in Dunwoody – the city has now surveyed every single pipe in the city and even found some the county didn’t know about
  • Parks are a super important part of Dunwoody –
    • We have 3 new parks and existing parks have been enhanced
    • The parks are for everyone
    • Fields at Peachtree Middle School are for community use after school hours
    • The great lawn and bandshell are going to get additional parking and bathrooms
  • Austin Elementary
    • The new site is scheduled to open in the fall of this year
    • The site of the old school will be surveyed to determine the actual quality of the building before the city decides what to do with the space
  • Nonprofits and clubs are important and part and parcel of the success of the city
    • Dunwoody Nature Center, the Preservation Trust, the Spruill Center for the Arts, the Stage Doors Players, the women’s club, the garden club, and others make our city great!
    • They provide services and money for the city like preservation of the Donaldson Bannister house, new flag poles, city benches, etc.