Podcast 62 – Mayor Denny Shortal – (Part 2) Traffic Problems and Trails



  • Trails around town help mitigate our traffic problems
  • For every tree taken down a new one is planted
  • Eventually the trails in Dunwoody will run all the way to the Perimeter area
  • The Peachtree Gateway Partnership is Dunwoody, Brookhaven, Chamblee, and Doraville working together to connecting their trails and eventually linking up with the Beltline
  • The mayor has some ideas for bicycle and scooter sharing to also help ease vehicular congestion
  • The mayor is going to meet with Dunwoody school principals to talk about ideas for encouraging carpooling
  • The traffic problem isn’t going to be fixed with just one solution, that’s why there are lots of ideas on the table

High Street

  • The city has approved some work for the new High Street project
    • The developer got approval before 2008 when Dunwoody became a city, so some of the zoning approval is outside the control of the current city, but if the developers decide to make changes, then the city will have to give approval
  • The biggest problem will be increased traffic
  • Hopefully people who work here will decide to live here and thus not need to commute
  • The plan is for 900 condos to be built on a timeline with 1 tower at a time as pre-sales come in
  • There will be a trail running through the property and 3 acres of parks
  • It’s a 10 year project
  • No more than 10% of the units can be rentals
  • The people who designed Avalon have been hired on to help design the space