Podcast 38 – Peachtree Middle School Principal – Dr Donnie Davis


Dr. Donnie Davis is the new principal at Peachtree Charter Middle School.

Topics include…

  • Mark Dye gives us an awesome review-
  • School is BACK!-
  • Preschool goes back later than elementary (http://kingswoodumc.org/preschool/)-
  • Don’t schedule podcasts with principals on registration day-
  • Justin is still the pool guy (www.pooldues.com)-
  • Dr. Donnie can’t help you if you’re sick-
  • There are 1,600 students total-
  • The urinals at middle schools are larger than elementary-
  • The front office staff has been around for a while-
  • The administration stayed the same-
  • Donnie is the only new guy-
  • Sitting down with the entire staff of Peachtree Charter Middle School is a long process, but very important to getting to know the school-
  • Custodial Staff is the hardest workers-
  • Donnie is straight outta Henderson Middle School
  • Justin sucks at soccer-
  • Is being 6 foot 7 inches tall make you stick out at a middle school-
  • No paddles at PCMS, even though Georgia is a Corporal Punishment State
  • Donnie loves the land-swap with Austin-
  • There’s a land-use agreement with the baseball fields-
  • Dr. Davis went to Georgia State and then got his PhD in Educational Administration Policy at the University of Georgia-
  • There are 4 Assistant Principals over various areas of the school-
  • Peachtree is a conversion charter school which is a charter school that previously existed as a traditional public school. The traditional public school entered into a charter to gain additional flexibility in exchange for greater accountability-
  • The Beautification Project brings in lots of volunteers to work on the school-
  • DeKalb typically has one middle school feeding into the high school-
  • Never call a Dr Mr-
  • Donnie receives a personal invite to the Rock The Woody Party