Podcast 37 – Third Rail Studios President Dan Rosenfelt


Dan Rosenfelt, President of Third Rail Studios in Doraville.

Topics include…

  • Implanting RFIDs in you for security reasons-
  • Third Rail Studios doesn’t do tours. Dan will give you a personal full tour if you ask nicely-
  • The Rampage movie set sounds amazing. I wasn’t invited on that tour-
  • The Doraville Assembly Plant is going to be a tiny city. And it will be gorgeous-
  • Serta Simmons will open early next year
  • Movie Theaters and breweries make for a better community-
  • Dan’s origin story-
  • Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, and Oceans Eleven-
  • Dan’s job at the Jim Henson Company and finally getting to put his hand in Kermit-
  • Justin and Dan both nail the Kermit voice-
  • Conan the Barbarian taking up 4 years of your life-
  • I forgot Aquaman’s Jason Momoa was Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones-
  • Riverfront Stages sounds cool-
  • Justin fools Dan, saying he was, in fact, a cool dad
  • Justin owns the Eastside of Dunwoody, as far as facebook groups-
  • Mile 22 films all over Atlanta-
  • A million shots fired at NBC’s Good Girls
  • Squib-proof walls, 18 inch concrete walls, and 4 feet of sound-proofing on the roof-
  • Production suites are big, open offices that these crews take over for a few months-
  • Dan’s job as the President is to give out the wifi password and plug and unplug cords all day-
  • BizDev involves both emailing and calling folks… at the same time-
  • Reimagine ATL
  • Justin should be President of the Dumpster-
  • Dolly Parton will be around town over the next few months-
  • Dan tries to stay off the sets-
  • Underground stamping pits at the old GM plants-
  • Justin does his best Stefon