What's Up Dunwoody Podcast - Episode 30 and 31

Longtime Dunwoody-ian, Bob Lundsten hangs out with us in Justin's backyard.

What’s Up Dunwoody Podcast – Episode 30 and 31
July 11, 2018 Matt and Justin

Farmer Bob Lundsten hangs out with us in Justin’s backyard.

Topics include…

  • Worth Wells gives us a wonderful review (5 stars)
  • Bob doesn’t mind to be a thorn in your side
  • His background as President of the Dunwoody Homeowners Association
  • Google Elaine Boyer
  • Bob’s relationship with Elaine Boyer
  • His involvement in all of Dunwoody’s zoning issues
  • Old man Spruill sets his “Zillow Make Me Move” price for the Best Buy land off Hammond
  • How the DHA doesn’t need legal authority to make a big difference
  • Developers need to go through the DHA first
  • Adrienne Duncan does a good job with the current Dunwoody Homeowners Association
  • The Village Overlay was created to stop the encroachment up Ashford Dunwoody
  • “SLUPs shouldn’t be used to change the code”
  • Let the Heyward Wescott mentions begin
  • Do we need another Mexican Restaurant?
  • Heyward is the Godfather of What’s Up Dunwoody
  • Dunwoody Green will hopefully have 6 #DunwoodyRooftopBars
  • If you listened/read this far you’re probably ok with us plugging ourselves, and you should check us out on our websites… both of our urls start with www.

In part 2, Farmer Bob Lundsten continues to hang out with us in Justin’s backyard.

Topics include…

  • Putting a Publix across from the Dunwoody Library
  • Changing the look of Chamblee Dunwoody forever
  • Is it Manget or Manget Way?
  • Google Elaine Boyer
  • Jeff Rader and Kathy Gannon were about protecting the County
  • Parks Bond Issue and Vernon’s response to the news of incorporation
  • How it feels to be the “the white racist from Dunwoody who listened to the white racist who owns the Crier”
  • The benefit of being there in case Dunwoody Incorporation didn’t happen
  • Why is the relationship with the County still so bad this many years?
  • Bob’s opinion of Terry Nall’s EMS discussion with DeKalb County
  • “Nobody knows the importance of a good response time more than me”
  • Justin’s “surprise joint meeting” isn’t the best idea
  • ATTN Richard McLeod – Justin’s backyard bar is not permitted!
  • Bob finally drops a curse word on our wonderfully clean show and forces us to label this episode E

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About the show: A weekly Dunwoody podcast from Matthew Weber, real estate agent, business owner and Clubhouse Manager at Dunwoody North Driving Club and Justin Dike, app/web developer, founder of PoolDues.com (a pool member billing software and check in app) and social director at the Georgetown Recreation Club. We are just 2 regular guys talking about Dunwoody. Topics include restaurants, events, police blotter, and anything covered on our What’s Up Dunwoody Facebook Page and conversations borrowed from our Dunwoody Area Restaurant Review Facebook Group.

To contact both Matt and Justinemail contact@whatsupdunwoody.com.

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