What's Up Dunwoody Podcast - Episode 26

Brent Walker - Future-Retired Park Ranger - Part 1

What’s Up Dunwoody Podcast – Episode 26
June 14, 2018 Matt and Justin

This episode we go back to City Hall and meet with Brent Walker with Dunwoody Parks and Recreation.

Topics include…

  • Justin is now “Pool Guy” branded!
  • Parks and Rec is exactly like the TV show.
  • Dunwoody parks were established in 2010.
  • Parks, Paving, and Police isn’t all Dunwoody is anymore.
  • Brook run used to be the location of Georgia State Retardation Facility.
  • Dunwoody paid Dekalb County $100/acre and $5000/building.
  • What is the Dunwoody Weaver’s Guild?
  • Dunwoody doesn’t have the amount of park space other cities do (3.5-4 acres per 100 citizens)
  • Explanation of the the John Wieland Homes deal at Dunwoody Green
  • How sweet Dunwoody Green will be! #DunwoodyRooftopBar
  • The Parks relationship with the Dunwoody Nature Center
  • Can Justin be the new Parks and Rec Social Director?
  • The Force Awakens is coming to Pernoshal Park.
  • When will the Dunwoody Trailway be finished?
  • Old Spring House is a steep hill.
  • Richard Pearson shoutout

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About the show: A weekly Dunwoody podcast from Matthew Weber, real estate agent, business owner and Clubhouse Manager at Dunwoody North Driving Club and Justin Dike, app/web developer, founder of PoolDues.com (a pool member billing software and check in app) and social director at the Georgetown Recreation Club. We are just 2 regular guys talking about Dunwoody. Topics include restaurants, events, police blotter, and anything covered on our What’s Up Dunwoody Facebook Page and conversations borrowed from our Dunwoody Area Restaurant Review Facebook Group.

To contact both Matt and Justinemail contact@whatsupdunwoody.com.

Selling or buying a home in the Atlanta area? Contact Matt the REALTOR and the Dogwood Team at matthewweber@kw.com.

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